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Atermon presents the Full Round Vision series, a brand new idea that is coming to bring the motion to any kind of shop windows.
It can be applied to any shop and for every product that is exposed on a shop window.

In the current show case as it appears on the attached video ,the system is applied on a clothes shop.
In the first model 4 dummies are moving on a platform having dimensions : 1.80mX0.90mX0.23m(LxWxH)
The second model carries 3 projection posts holding 3 dummies .Platform dimensions are :1.40X0.80X0.23m.


- Full 360 degrees product's exposure combined with traveling motion along the window.
- High promotion effectiveness.The product is exposed the same way, either seen from outside or inside the shop.
- Easy handled light weight system.It can be easily moved inside the shop as it stands on 4 hidden wheels placed on platform's base.
- It can be placed in any position parallel or vertical to the window according to shop's available space and window's dimensions.
- Increases the promotion effectiveness of shops having narrow or small windows.The rolling projection allows more products to be exposed especially when the system is placed vertical to the window.
- A wide variety of combinations between materials colours and shapes can be used in order to meet the particular style of every shop.


The FRV-5LV is coming to associate the FRV-4A & 3B featuring additional advantages.


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