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ATERMON SA is the successor of the ATERMON OE company founded in 1970.
Our fields of expertise are:
- manufacturing of high precision mechanical parts.
- studying and manufacturing of motion transmission systems.
- manufacturing of machine elements which are involved in the motion transmission systems (gear wheels, chain wheels, pulleys, reductors, variators etc.)

ur long interaction with the Greek industry has directed our company in a 3 tier operational model:

- Quality of products and services based on the high educational level of our employees and the strict selection of materials and heat treatments as well as the strict dimensional control (material and dimensional control certificates available on request).

- Delivery time minimized by controlling the order - manufacturing and delivery chain.

- We offer extra services by picking up and delivering the products to your door.

- Manufacturing and studying is a highly important parameter. We offer the most economic manufacturing solutions leading to the lowest possible cost.

Our company has invested during the last years both in human resources and on privately owned buildings and equipment optimising our production capabilities.

The technical personnel consists of highly skilled technicians with extensive experience specializing in respective sectors (toothings, special manufacturings, general purpose machinings).


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